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Display issue

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I have had my Clarity base model for 2 full weeks and about 400 miles now. Yesterday I got in and things were fine until I selected reverse and nothing came up on the screen. Nothing. Not the reverse camera, not the charge information. Just black. I drove about a block and stopped I hit several of the buttons but nothing happened. I put the car in P and set the EB and shut'r down. I waited about 10-seconds and then pushed power. Everything came back normally. Has anyone else had this happen?
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I've also experienced what you describe. It's not "fatal", just annoying. As you stated, everything came back normally after a restart. I had similar problems with my 2014 Accord Hybrid. Eventually the dealer changed something and the problem was resolved.

I have noticed that sometimes when I start the car the display mode doesn't return to the mode which was selected when I last drove the car, i.e. instead of returning to Audio mode the display shows Map mode. Pushing the Audio button fixes the issue. However, it seems as though the display mode would return to its previous state. Again, annoying, not "fatal".
Software issues like these have become a lot more common given the amount of technology placed in new models. Odds are its just a software fault somewhere in the boot process. With future updates I'm sure Honda will find a way to resolve it. New generation bring new problems.
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If you press on the power button for about 5 - 10 seconds the device will reboot without the need to shut off the car. Why you described has happened to me twice over the past six months. Pretty normal for modern electric devices.
Side view mirror camera for me...

the other day, my audio was playing and "audio off" was displaying on my screen. This happened after my audio suddenly shut off. I pushed the button, and the screen said off but the audio played. I pushed again and the audio turned off but the audio screen displayed. I shut down the car and it came back to normal--but NOW...the side view camera is black when I turn on my right blinkers. I will try holding down the on/off on the screen for 10 seconds and see if that works. Any other suggestions?
hi everyone! im having issues with my instrument panel (my display screen) suddenly just don’t appear. Does anyone know what can I do? i took it to the dealership they couldn’t help me.

I’m not able to see my speed while driving. Or even any notification from my car.

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