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Dislike: Honda Sentinel Tire warranty - poor towing service & expensive tire price!

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Dislike: Honda Sentinel Tire warranty - poor towing service & expensive tire price!

Honda Sentinel 3/36 contract review:

It's been almost 2 years, 23,000 miles with my wonderful Clarity and had the first time to exercise Honda's optional tire warranty insurance / service.

While driving down a road, the tire pressure sensor starts signaling less pressure (rotational size) and then I feel the rear get squishy and wobbly.

Pulled over and found the rear driver's side tire was shredded.

Since it's not a simple puncture where the supplied compressor & sealant would have fixed it temporarily, I had to call the Honda Sentinel service.

Honda Sentinel contracts with independent towing companies and all they would say is the the tow company would be there soon.
30 minutes pass and I call the tow company and they said a truck is being dispatched.

So just for kicks, I called Auto Club (AAA) and asked if I could get a tow.
They sent a tow truck in less than 10 minutes.:smile:

I called back the Honda Sentinel tow company and canceled their tow.:mad:

Once the AAA/ACSC tow person came out, they put in on a flatbed and took her to the closest Honda dealer.
They would not give me a ride in the same truck and I had to take an Uber.

Once at the dealer, they took in the car and informed me that the Honda Sentinel insurance pays $150 of each tire.
Each tire at the dealer is $280 so I had to fork over $130.:sad:

So for what I paid for ($435) to cover the tires and get oil changes for 3 years might be worth the price if you ever have a tire failure.

At least for another year, I'll have coverage on the remaining tires so depending on how the tires hold up, will be the full test....

Waiting for the tow company:
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This is why I don't buy tire warranties from the dealership - any dealership. I'd rather call USAA as I have tow coverage for any reason, even non-accident. I also get my tires serviced at Discount Tire so I don't have to worry about that either.
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