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I was wondering if there's anyway to get to a couple menu options that are available on other Honda models when accessing the hidden diagnostics menus.

I am not able to find the following and was just wondering if there were any work arounds:

A) "Driver Distraction Setting"
Gadget Communication Device Bumper Finger Font

B) Audio Setting (There is Vol Setting, but no Audio Setting which has the "PS Setting" to adjust sound quality permanently.

Rectangle Computer monitor Gadget Computer Font

C) Is there an option to choose which function starts or leaves off to remember what was last on the screen when you turn the car back on? I.e. if I leave it on Info/Battery screen can I come back to the car later and still be on that screen (on the radio) and not the Honda Navigation screen by default? Every time I turn on the car (Touring model) I get the Honda GPS/Navigation screen on the car radio.

Thanks!! I love this car! I got the 2019 !
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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