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Beast here.

2003 Accord LX (2.4).

I have been looking very hard at getting the Accord 1.5T LX and I am 3-4 weeks from pulling that trigger.

But now I'm considering the Clarity. Really wish there was an all-electric available in Canada - only the plug-in hybrid is offered as far as I can tell.

The 76 km range fits my daily drive well (round trip), so that's okay - but I assume I'll need to run the gasoline engine more in cold weather. That's okay too - got to maintain the engine by using it a little ...

Funny thing is, the Clarity is far more expensive than the Accord hybrid - but Quebec will give me a $8000 rebate (after sales tax) on the Clarity hybrid - but not on the Accord. Funny world.

Just not sure the Clarity is for me.

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The Accord styling is a plus over that of the Clarity.

But for the same engine (1.5L), I'd rather have the Clarity for the dual gas engine and battery/motor for the extra horsepower.
Running them together is called "Sport Mode" on the Clarity - such a spirited drive!

In CA, we get $10,000 of credits/incentives/rebate cash on the Clarity but nothing on the Accord....

Naturally, I liked the net price of the Clarity vs. Civic at the same price point.

Plus in CA we get the single occupant HOV sticker as an added bonus.
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