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Has anyone checked out They're a startup working on using the pre-existing sensors on your car (radar, cameras, etc.) in a "smarter" way with more intelligent software to try and get us closer to self-driving cars.

It seems the community is still working on adding Clarity support to the OpenPilot software that develops (it's open source so anyone can contribute.) I'm assuming no one here has succeeded in actually using with their Clarity since the support isn't even in the code yet, but would like to hear if anyone is interested in / watching this as a potential upgrade in the future.

If matures as quickly as I hope it will, I might be able to buy their hardware module, load up a version of OpenPilot that supports the Clarity's sensors and builtin computer systems, and get WAY better Adaptive Cruise Control and lane keeping. The developers of are experimenting with using GPS and maps to "predict" how to steer you, and also implement obvious features like coasting downhill instead of braking hard to maintain your set speed (and nearly get rear-ended).

Maybe in 2-3 years will be ready for normal people to try it out. I'm sure it won't be as good as Tesla Autopilot -- at least not for 5+ years, and maybe not ever -- but having a "smarter" adaptive cruise that isn't as herky-jerky (and confusing to drivers behind you) would be awesome.
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