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Checked with admin and answer I got back led me to believe that it is okay to post Clarity items for sale, and I assume they will delete if not allowed anyway so here goes.......
I no longer have my 2018 Clairty and have some items that Clarity owners might want First is a front and rear set of Tuxmats which are custom cut for the Clarity. These cover a LOT of area. I got them on Amazon where they were almost $200 am I am asking $100 plus whatever it costs me to ship to you, it would come from zip 45344 and the box is 11 lb 11 oz and is 33x25x12 inches. Priority mail is probably cheapest. I also have an OEM mat for the console, this is nice and grippy and it should have come with the car in the first place, and Honda is charging something like 25 bucks for them. I am included a key fob cover with that, it is pretty nice and not sure if it is real leather or not but close, and it is nice as it keeps the shiny blue area of the fob from getting scratched. You will need one of those tiny eyeglass screwdrivers to put it on. I would like $15.00 plus $4.00 for FIrst Class mail shipping. Last is a 30 foot 220 V charge cable and I am asking $125 plus shipping for it. It is a 16 amp and charged the Clarity in about 3 hours 45 minutes. I got it on Amazon and used it in a stove outlet and the plug is a NEMA 50 ( I think) and it detaches about 10 feet from the end of the male end as I think the company (Primecom) sells other male ends but I think that using an adapter would be safe. I was very paranoid about this at first but it did not get hot at all and charged the Clarity in less than half the time the 110 outlet did. Shipping again will vary depending on where you are, this box is 8 lb 13 oz and is 15x13x10 inches.
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