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Clarity Spare tire issue

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I bought 3 months back Honda Clarity touring 2018 PHEV. About two months back I got an issue with tire and indicator shown up low air pressure in tire symbol(good sign so far!). Since with new car purchase HONDA promised free roadside service I called their 1-800- number and that's it , it took for them to arrive for towing 4 (four) hours literally. While I got struck those 4 hours (6.30 pm to 10.30 PM) it was not rural area and not odd hours and its in DAllas, TX area. Very bad service from American Honda . Also bad from the Honda dealer from whom I bought it. While I tried to escalate next day with American Honda, they just say "ok" we will take care the feedback... and there was no satisfactory guarantee that will not happen in future. I explained them what if it repeats and the dealer from whom I bought did not explain well about it did not have SPARE tire.

So, I am trying to file officially a complaint against American Honda about their unjustifiable promise of roadside assistance and dealer breach of contract per my new car purchase and trying to refund my money. Regarding their roadside assistance program, it was handed over to a third party servicing company and they lack staffing .. and they they transfer the request to Aaa SERVICE . In my case AAA then transfered request to another small towing service company and as a whole it is really messy and this is not what Honda promised while I purchased car. What happens if you are 100 miles away from your hometown since it does not have spare tire even if towing company of your choice comes and can't repair? and also remember Honda did not provide spare tire.... I asked them how about returning my home after towing company picks car, their answer was "Possibly I can get re-imburse for taxi bill" . So no guarantee and there was no commitment proof on this while next day I directly spoke with American Honda.... Other scenario think about what happens the repair need to be done at Honda dealership only and this tire is not in spare at their store and you are out of town? Will they provide hotel re-reimbursement?

I understand while I am enjoying this vehicle , but think of in emergency how we get solve this situation with Honda clarity while there is such huge waiting time for towing , and even if you have your own insurance remember this car doesn;t have spare tire , so how you mange to reach back to safe place? Please provide if anyone come across this situation , even if not what best solutions we have, lets explore/

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