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Clarity PHEV owner new to forum

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Hi So Cal based Clarity PHEV owner here. Had our Clarity since July and happy with it except for the ever decreasing EV range. Just had 2nd software update performed by Honda dealer which they say may slow battery charge rate down 50%, will see if that makes a difference. Using a Siemans level 2 30A 220V & commercial charge stations.
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Welcome aboard!

Your EV charge capacity is related to a number of factors - most important is driving style (aggressive Sport vs passive Eco), temperature outside (colder = less capacity), use of interior electronics (seat heater, sound system, aux devices plugged in).

If you drive frugally without any excessive use of electronics on a warm day you will see over 47 miles per charge.

Yesterday in the middle of January, I have been in 75-80 degree weather, driving in Eco EV mode and the charge capacity actually has shown 53 miles per charge.
Welcome to the forum. A bit surprised to hear that you are already experiencing range loss , but hopefully this latest software update can improve things. How much has it dropped by since you first took delivery?
There are some nuances to maximizing your average driving range, as have been mentioned by other members. I would suggest playing around with the different driving modes and trying to isolate the cause of the decrease.
2018 Touring with 800+ miles. Weather mid 60's in central Florida and flat roads stop and go went 56 miles in ECO and still had 3 bars left. One bar in reality as there appears to always be 2 bars left when engine kicks in. No heat or AC only headlights. When left range said 61 miles. So far range better than expected.
Highest range I've had here in Ohio was 40 miles. That was when the temperature had been in the high 40s the day before. I've had the car since 12/05/18.

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