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Clarity appearance on NBC Nightly News

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Did anyone catch the Clarity that appeared on the NBC Nightly News yesterday evening? (January 4) It was in the closing story about a California teenager who helps celebrate birthdays for children in homeless shelters. About 2 seconds of the video shows her loading gifts and supplies into a silver Clarity. This is a young person who saw that she could make a small but highly positive difference to these kids and decided to do something about it, and now has expanded to be a 501c3 non-profit organization called No Birthday Left Behind. If you google it you can find the web site with more info and if you wish to make a donation.
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This is a very good feel good clip - thanks for sharing!

I think that teenager shows us all how easy it is to forget about those that are less fortunate.

Anyone want to bet which prestigious university will offer a full scholarship ??
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