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My wife and I picked up a Forest Green Clarity Touring PHEV in April to replace her 12 year old Solara Convertible. I have a 2017 Volt LT so we now have two PHEVs charging on the driveway. Now that we needed both 20 amp outlets I converted one to a 240 amp and bought a Duosida EVSE to plug into it. I can't convert the other circuit because the sprinkler system controller is hardwired to the back of the outlet.

The Clarity's EVSE is in my Volt, along with a 40 ft 10 gauge all weather extension cord. My Volt's EVSE is charging the Clarity, and the Duosida charges my Volt. The Volt and Duosida EVSEs are 25 feet long which makes for a better fit on the driveway.

In case anyone's curious, yes, those are Tribbles. I use the same username and avatar on other AutoGuide sites.

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Congrats !

Nice choice of color for the Clarity - I love mine - it's always a headturner for Honda enthusiasts who have not seen a unique color on a Honda car....

Charging is fun - I use the Duosida portable EVSE charger instead of the OEM charger.
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