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After a couple years of no road trips, I’m starting to take a few again. I could use some debugging help.

I have a 2018 Clarity and an iPhone. Before the plague, I would routinely compose TXTs through CarPlay and punctuate them with explicitly dictated punctuation. (For instance, “rolling now period will be home about ten comma depending on construction delay period” for “Rolling now. Will be home about ten, depending on construction delay.”)

The explicitly dictated punctuation doesn’t work any more in the Clarity. It does work on the iPhone when not using CarPlay.

Anyone else seeing a similar issue?

For reference, one thing that changed is that I swapped my previous iPhone SE (1st Gen) for an iPhone 12. Unfortunately, because of the long stretch without long trips, I don’t know if the loss of explicitly dictated punctuation happened at the same time.
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