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Anyone else out there with the Carlinkit AI box? I've got one in my 2020 Clarity. Seems to work reasonably well, at least for the little bit I've used it over the past few days.

It's clever in that it acts as both an Android device on its own AND as a wireless bridge for Android Auto or IOS CarPlay from an iPhone. I don't have any Apple junk so I can't comment on its functionality for that.

It's great having a way to use the CarPlay only input into my radio.

Everything seems to come through, sound from the Android box, microphone back in from the car. It handles switching audio pretty well too. SiriusXM playing on the radio works fine, and interruptions from the Waze app running on the Carlinkit come through. I've not tried the SIM in the Carlinkit box, as the SIM in my PCM is the larger size and the AI wants a Nano-SIM. But my PCM radio provides a WiFi hotspot, so I joined the Carlinkit box to that. Works great. I should also note that while playing radio Sirius, Waze on the Carlinkit and when the phone came in on my Samsung it automatically switched the audio over to it seamlessly.

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