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As many people will be buying the Clarity to haul around their family, I wanted to share this breakdown of how car seats fit into it. It looks like all models got a B rating or above suggesting minor fit/connection issues. Here's a look at what reported.
Rear-facing convertible, grade A: This seat fit well, and we had an easier time connecting to the car's Latch anchors with the car seat's chunky connectors.
Latch, grade B: The two sets of lower anchors are not set too deeply, but the upholstery is stiff, so connection requires some muscle -- especially with the infant seat's skinny connectors. Connection is much easier with the convertible seat's chunky connectors. The three top tether anchors on the rear shelf are clearly marked for easy connection.
Infant, grade B: There was enough room for this seat, but it lost points because we needed to use some muscle to connect to the lower Latch anchors.
Forward-facing convertible, grade B: It was easy to install this seat with its rigid, chunky Latch connectors, but the Clarity's fixed head restraint pushed the car seat off the seatback a bit; it should be flush. We also needed to consult the owner's manual for guidance on top tether connection since the head restraint is fixed. If the top tether strap is two pieces, go around the head restraint; if it's one, go over. Ours was two, and connection was easy.
Booster, grade B: The fixed head restraint interfered less with how the booster sat on the seat, but the Clarity's floppy buckles will likely make it difficult for kids to buckle up independently.
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