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Just got my Clarity 2019 .. Ordered it and received in less than 2 weeks. Love it .. after alot of research it is living up to expectations!! Great ride, quite, roomy ..
The entertainment/user interface is a bit clunky .. but I mostly use Android Auto .. so not toomuch of an issue.
Just filled it up with gas for the first time after over 1000km .. lovin' that ..
Exploring the local charging station environment .. found some free.. and some cheap $1/session .. and a few others I wonder why any PHEV person would use .. prices are all over the map.
Downloaded multiple find charger apps .. joined Flo network .. colour me happy with the car!!

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Welcome aboard!

I assume you are in Canada ?

I try to charge at free EV stations when ever possible - check your local municipal city/town public agencies for free charge locations.
I charge mine at either a nearby county police station or public park for free.
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