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My wife went to take the Clarity Electric Sunday, got a block or two away and came back.

Car was showing warnings for:
Electric Parking Brake Problem
Transmission System Problem

The Gear indicator (P,R,D,N) was flashing and the brake system light was lit.

Got it into the dealer today:
"Found 2 Stored Codes P26C3/U0402-68
Found small piece of debris stuck in the reverse shift button not allowing it to fully return"

They did give me a loaner, but had it fixed in just a couple of hours. And waived the $135 fee that would normally be charged since it was not a warranty issue, but caused by an "external event".

This was at a dealer that I did not lease the car from (and does not offer the Clarity Electric, only the PHEV). They did show on the HondaLink app as servicing the BEV, and confirmed that they could when I called.

When the inevitable survey comes, I will most definitely give them high marks as I can't think of a thing they could have done better.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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