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Best Option for Audio Display Screen Protector

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Hi all, I am getting tired of the fingerprint smudges and the glare on my audio display and think it's time I get a screen protector.
Has anyone purchased one and been happy with it?
Any recemmendations?
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Screen Protector

I did purchase one from local Computer Warriors computer repair store. I had just purchased a new iPhone XR at the same time as my Clarity and bought a protector from Computer Warriors for both the phone and the car. I was surprised to find the cost of the Clarity protector was much less (about $30) compared to the iPhone protector which was much more. At any rate, after installation you can’t notice it is there although I have no way of telling if it is better at avoiding fingerprints, etc. I purchased it mainly for the protection value.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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