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Hello folks,
I have a 2020 Clarity TRNG where I have just installed illuminated door sills (08E12-TRT-101 / which looks and works great), but after hooking the negative to the battery + resetting the system with the audio power button, I noticed the auto headlamps do not turn the headlamps on at all/when its dark (The manual headlamps themselves work).

The Vehicle Settings > Light Settings also do not show the autoheadlamp settings. The ambient light sensor is not covered, so not sure what the problem is. Could it be a short? Could the fuse have blown? Does the ambient light sensor need time to re-adjust before working again?

I also noticed the footwell lights (interior illumination 08E10-TVA-0M001) do not turn on anymore.

The vehicle runs, and all other exterior and interior lights and buttons appear to be working. No alarms or alerts on the dashboard. Before heading to the dealer, I'd appreciate your suggestions. Thank you!
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