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Any Myrtle Beach, SC Clarity Owners

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I see a couple other Claritys driving around. One charges at the station at HG Tech in Market Common. I would like to touch base with you to talk the ins and outs of driving our Clarity. Any tips would be valuable to each of us.
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Hello Heresbeth. My spouse and I purchased our 2018 Clarity PHEV Touring model in November 2018 from Stevenson-Hendrick Honda in Wilmington, NC. We live just across the Cape Fear River in Leland, NC. We love our Clarity and use it as our primary vehicle. Except for road trips we have taken, we use it in electric eco drive mode almost exclusively on a daily basis. We installed a Siemens Level 2 charger right after purchase. Even though we drive it all over the Cape Fear area on a daily basis we rarely come home with an empty battery. When the weather is temperate (as you know it has been that way here for some time) we can generally expect to receive a recharge returning an electric mileage range approaching, or most often exceeding 50 miles (and have had numbers as high as 58 miles of charge). I have been reading the threads on the for quite some time now and have learned a great deal from it about how to maximize our enjoyment, the efficiency and the maintenance of our valued Honda vehicle. I find this Forum, and the valued members who contribute their knowledge and discoveries, to be of far more value to me than Honda’s resources in so many respects. In over one plus year of ownership we have spent a grand total of approximately $45.00 in maintenance on our Clarity. This expense was for a required engine oil change after one year of service, and tire rotation and balance at 7,500 miles on the odometer. With such minimal expense of ownership, coupled with a pleasure of driving that outmatches any other vehicle I have ever owned, count me a Enthusiastic Clarity Devotee.

Please feel to offer your comments, experiences, questions and most sure to stay connected via this forum. You won’t regret how valuable it will prove to be for you and the enjoyment of your Clarity.
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