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Anti Plug In/EV behavior

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The internet is full of postings from disgruntled Tesla owners whose cars are attacked and/or vandalized while driving or while parked but one rarely sees reports of such things happening to non-Teslas.

Today I used the ChargePoint EVSE at the Whole Foods market in my state's capital city - the only Whole Foods in the state AND the only free public charger in the city. There is one charger and one marked parking space - which is usually ICEd - but, today, it was open. I squeezed the Clarity into the slot between an Escalade and a Hummer, activated the charger, plugged it into the car and entered the store.

About five minutes later I received a notification saying that charging had stopped - after dispensing 1.5kW. I figured it must have glitched somehow. When I returned to the Clarity about 30 minutes later I found the cable disconnected and draped over the charging door: Someone felt it necessary to disconnect my car AND to fold both side-view mirrors forward (something I did not know they could do). I was glad that the miscreant didn't feel it necessary to try to break-off the charging door...

So, yeah, that happened...
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Wow, there are definitely some twisted people around your area.

You could put a small padlock onto the trigger release slot so that someone can't disconnect the charger.
I saw these locks w/ steel cables attached to the car at many chargers in France and Italy last spring.

So far, I have been very lucky using Chargepoint stations - no vandalism, no disruptions, no premature disconnections, etc....

I have used the Whole Foods Chargepoint chargers but I pay each time - about $1 per KWh.

Maybe it's time to install a dash cam with 360 degree view to record any possible tampering?

I know Tesla has these multiple cameras built into the car so it's time for the Clarity ??
This is why the Tesla Model 3 has cameras all over the place - to help police identify the miscreants doing this crap.
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