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Amazing MPGe!

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I've been bummed lately with dismal mileage I've been getting on a full charge, here in the cold climate of CT, averaging about 35 miles before the engine goes on. Today, with unseasonably warm temps in the upper 60s, was surprised to get 60 miles on one charge...hooray!
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I can't imagine how cold it must get in CT.
Last time I was in Montana fishing in the fall, it was too cold for me but from what the locals say, it gets bitter cold...

This weekend, we had 70 degree weather so we don't use cabin heating at all in So Cal.
60 miles is pretty impressive. I'm about a month into my Clarity and this past weekend, I was very curious to see what I'd get for a full charge with temps in the upper 60's as well. With generally cold temps, I've been getting about mid-30's. I hooked it up to a Level 2 charger and got 38 or 39 miles. I was hoping for a little more.
I have yet to see anything above 41 and I live in Sacramento. Not too cold
I get over 50 miles when the temperatures here are above 80 F and about 35 when temps are below 50. This is common for BEVs.
I just run in HV mode at lower temps.
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