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Just got back from my first very long road trip (almost 2k miles) and though the Clarity performed quite well throughout the trip and was generally a pleasure to drive, I do have a question that I couldn't resolve despite a few tries:

Occasionally while playing music via CarPlay I would be interrupted by a phone call, and when I got off the call I wasn't able to adjust the audio volume on the system. I noticed that normally there are 40 horizontal lines corresponding to different audio levels, but when the problem occurred there would be only 11 and adjusting them wouldn't actually change how loud the sound was. So I'm guessing there is one audio level adjustment for the phone (CarPlay) and another one for the other audio inputs.

The other weirdness that I couldn't figure out was how to adjust the volume of the phone's other audio outputs relative to the CarPlay selected music App. For example, an incoming call announcement would be twice as loud as the music, and lowering the volume would create the problem mentioned above.

Any suggestions, or is this really a phone issue that I haven't figured out yet?

Thanks for any ideas or pointers in the right direction.
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