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A day in the life of the Clarity maintenance minder

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Just for fun...below is a link to a screenshot of the current values the maintenance minder (MM) has stored for a Clarity on a random day chosen...which was today February 1, 2019.

Values are displayed for both the main maintenance codes (A and 0) plus the corresponding sub-codes (1 thru 8).

For context and to give the numbers a relative meaning...below are the specs the MM is basing the numbers of days left before each particular item is due.

Clarity build date: January 2018
Clarity arrive dealership: March 2018
Clarity purchased: July 2018
Oil change: March 2019
Tire rotation: August 2019
Cabin air filter changed: August 2019

Screenshot link:

For example...the MM displays 37 days till both A and 0 items are to be completed...this corresponds to a "T" the one year time frame since last OC was in March 2019.

Second example...sub item 5 (coolant replacement) displays 3099 days left...this equates to 8.5 years left of the 10 year interval based on purchase month of July 2018.

Anywho...thought some folks would find it interesting what the values in MM look like on any given Sunday. No surprise it is date sensitive and appears to this cub reporter the values count down from a pre-set value...other than the oil n tires which are quasi time and/or mileage based.

The MaxiAP AP200 OBD II by Autel was used to grab this info. The device captures a lot of data and I plan to post more interesting info reference the Clarity as time allows.

Here is the link to the pdf of the maintenance code descriptions in case anyone will benefit by having a copy.

Hope this helps.
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Question - how did you get the individual items to show? That's a far more useful display than the idiot light in the car.

I used the MaxiAP AP200 OBD II device by Autel to grab this info.

It does requires a proprietary app which comes with the unit. I was able to pick up the unit off Amazon for $50 on a sale.

Link to video about the MP 200

Hope this helps.
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Maintenance Minder (MM) follow-up as promised.

I received the MM screenshot for the Clarity referenced in the OP today and the screenshot has been included with the original data set.

Below are the particulars:
...screenshot of data taken 19-June-2020
...96 days has eclipsed since the last MM screenshot taken on 15-March-2020
...~1800 miles driven during is time with a 70/30 split EV/ICE

The link to the files:

Not surprisingly, the data collected June 19th confirms the findings from the data samples collected Feb/Mar 2020.

Items 0,2,3,5, and 7 once again reflect a downward, linear path typical of a day count-down timer. One day goes day gets subtracted.

Item A is a day count-down timer unless a trigger point is reached via odo miles which is ~6000 - 7000 miles. Then day counter accelerates downwards.

Items 4 and 8 remain tied to ICE miles and/or ICE run time. More ICE counter downward trend accelerates. Less ICE/more counter accelerates upward.

Item 1 remains an enigma. Some ciphering shows: March 15th - 328 days till due...June 19th - 414 days till due. This 414 days remaining roughly equates to a 10,000 mile tire rotation (600 miles/month x 13.8 months + 1800 miles already driven).

If Honda thinks 10k is a good tire rotation mileage..that makes the all too common A01 service required combo suspect...very suspect.

Item 6 is conspicuously missing from the visible data stream...more info to follow.

Hope this helps.
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I don't know if this should be a new discussion or not.
I bought one of those Autel AP200 and wonder if there are some items in particular that I should pay attention to? Appreciate the level of experience of some members and while I'm good at changing oil and filters, rotating tires, and checking fluids, I'm not sure what to pay attention to in this new breed of car. Thanks for your help.
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