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$30 turns clarity into a racing car

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My wife and I said that I have a dream of owning a racing car. My wife said that dear, you know that I love you and I support you to realize your dream. For this reason, I am willing to give you 30 dollars from this month's living expenses.

The real reason is that my car was scratched, and I have no money to fix it.


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Ouch on that scratch. Nicely done with the racing stripes. They give the car some much needed visible character.
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Love the front hood racing stripe -- BAD ASS!
The car looks great, you did an awesome job for only $30. I have always loved watching racing, my favorite formula one driver was Senna and it was so sad how he died on the racetrack. Now I watch a lot of racing and most interesting now are car races like rally or GT cups. There is a really interesting story about Mike Wainwright on gulf racing about how he started his career late, but still has a lot of success in racing. That just shows that you can start racing late and still have success at it and acheve your dreams.
Hard to be a racing car without scars to prove it!
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