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2023 IRA tax credit delay till March 2023 for EV's made in the USA = $7500 still available for 2023 deliveries

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So just got word that IRS / Dept of Treasury has stated that due to the lack of EV battery manufacture & sourcing rules as it applies to new EV purchases in 2023:
EV purchases prior to the rulemaking decisions are made later, early 2023 deliveries will follow the post August IRA bill law (manufactured in North America, MSRP & income caps).

This means you can still purchase an EV in early 2023, before IRS makes a ruling, and get the full tax credit.

This still assumes: income caps, MSRP cap, and manufactured in North America.
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Yep, the government jumped again without looking. Now they are dog paddling.
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Yep, the government jumped again without looking. Now they are dog paddling.
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Another crazy set of events for my ordered Ford Mustang Mach E:

1. New lower prices to compete with Tesla's price drops in January ($900-$5900 discounts all trims).
2. IRS revises MSRP maximum for $7500 tax credit for Mustang Mach E to be the same as the Lightning ($80K).
3. March IRS will rule on battery mineral/sourcing/assembly.

So the sweet spot now for EVs is to buy it before March when IRS makes that ruling.

Now if my seriously delayed Mustang shows up after being built in December 2022, delivers by March 2023, I'd be so happy!

  • $3980 price drop
  • $6500 private cash offer rebate
  • $2000 Ford financing incentive
  • $1000 Ford Pass points redemption
  • $2000 state rebate ( post sale)
  • $7500 federal tax credit (post sale)

Net cost before tax, title, reg: $35K

Test drove Mustang Mach E yesterday at the dealer - loved it!

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