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2018 Clarity Base - Phoebe.

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Skipped this step so I'm catching up a bit. It'll be one month on Wednesday. 1250 miles on the money by then and I love it. She's been on a modest road trip of about 375 miles round trip through the Cascade mountain range of central Oregon. I almost felt guilty making it climb the Santiam Pass, but it did it. Why does it have to sound like it's going to blow up any second!? However, it was fun to turn off the motor and just glide down the other side for about 6-7 miles and pick up all kinds of miles of electric power. The ride is great, the car is comfortable considering I'm a big guy (6'4, 250 lbs) and the satellite radio was a great feature. The MPG was 57.0 right on the money for the 376 miles, so that was super impressive. Not even my Jetta TDI hit that mark (55.1 to Idaho and back in 100 degree heat). Mostly I use it for work and it's great. I'm going to load it up with friends and see how she does will a full load. I finally decided to name her Phoebe in honor of my late cat. She was that cool!
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