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2 weeks in and my first road trip

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I took delivery of my base 2018 on January 8; for the first week was all EV in town. I am waiting for my Juice Box to arrive. in the meantime using a 110 line for 12 hours.

It has been winter here, full charge range is 30 miles and I doubt I get 22, but day in day out that does the trick. Then last week I took a 650-mile road trip to Northern Vermont, just in time for a 24" dump of snow and morning temps of -11F. Some impressions:

The over the road Clarity is a way different animal than the in-town EV. After my first scoot onto an interstate ramp, and I hear the wild thrashing under the hood, I am thinking "how do I get out of this lease?" It finally settled down a bit, or perhaps I turned the 3 months free satellite radio up and didn't notice it so much.

The range meter seems spot on; if electric is fully charged it shows 30 miles, the gas tank filled shows 300.

Fuel mileage was OK, right around 41 mpg at 68 MPH.

Returning on Monday I was forced to tread carefully at first, no one in the area had snow tires that would fit; I was also interested in doing a -1 sizing but no one at the Honda store would confirm what I read on the internet about using an ACcord wheel. So I was on no-seasons, took it carefully, and was surprised at the decent handling.

Along the way, I had two issues, a low tire warning (and I didn't know that after filling the tire I needed to go to the information center and re-set the control) and running out of washer fluid. It turns out that there is some leak somewhere in the system, I filled it prior to leaving on the trip and it expired way too early. Set to bring it in on Friday for an evaluation.

Overall, a decent car despite its dual personality, but not sure it goes on my recommended list.
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Very brave you are !
But glad you made it safely....

I am deathly afraid of taking stock factory all season tires on snow or ice.
Bad experiences in the past is my reason for never taking A/S tires thru snow - they harden up and don't have any traction.

Definitely would get a set of winter tires if I were in your area.
I would look for +1 winter tire size to give the sidewall more give so that the grip is enhanced.

Did you need chains at all to traverse any restricted highways ??
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