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  1. 2018+ Honda Clarity General Discussion
    So after 25 months, 26,000 miles of driving the Clarity, I have to say I am quite pleased with the battery and the range I have been getting. Middle of February and getting 60 miles per charge:
  2. 2018+ Honda Clarity General Discussion
    Hi, We have a 2019 Clarity plug-in hybrid. Great car. We recently took a trip from Berkeley to Yosemite and drove around the area, which obviously involved serious climbs and descents. When I charge at home I occasionally get a reading of a little over 50 miles, though the nominal max is 47...
  3. Charging and Batteries
    I have had my Clarity touring model since late December 2017 and currently have 16,500 miles on it. I most recently noticed that my real world driving range has dropped to around 43-44 miles on a Fall day (this is actually driving distance not that on display meter) with temperate temperatures...
1-3 of 3 Results