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2018+ Honda Clarity General Discussion

  1. All lights on Front Driverside corner dead
  2. quarter mile and 0-60 times
  3. "Anti Theft System Lost Power" Error
  4. Anyone receive a Honda invite for Honda SmartCharge Low Carbon Fuel Standard program?
  5. Replacement Fob
  6. 2018 Clarity Weather Tech Floor Liners for Sales
  7. "Invalid User" problem with HondaLink app
  8. Keeping it plugged in
  9. 2x optimistic HV range estimate?
  10. 2020 Touring features
  11. Recommendation (or not) for Level 2 charger
  12. Mustart Travelmaster Level 2 Charger
  13. Retrofit mirror with compass
  14. "Feature" to look / ask for in Level 2 charger?
  15. A day in the life of the Clarity maintenance minder
  16. My build has started!
  17. Anti Plug In/EV behavior
  18. 2020 Clarity PHEV will continue sales in CA....
  19. Amazing MPGe!
  20. Remember that your Clarity comes with 5 years of GPS updates, here is how to update!
  21. Any Myrtle Beach, SC Clarity Owners
  22. Any Phoenix area Clarity Owners?
  23. Engine start at highway speed while Cold?
  24. What apps can I add? (2019 Clarity PHEV)
  25. Towing
  26. Car goes into Park when door opened
  27. First Long Journey
  28. Need help deciding to buy - quick question
  29. Apple iOS 13.1 and iPhone 11 + Clarity infotainment
  30. Only california has clarity plug in hybrids
  31. How many e-miles have you charged up to?
  32. Alex on Auto’s review of the Clarity
  33. Has anyone done a hardwire installation for a Radar Detector, etc?
  34. Any way to default Maximum Regenerative Braking without always clicking the paddles?
  35. How would you do a 450 miles rt?
  36. Panel reboot after remote climate control?
  37. USB Audio sort issues?
  38. The eternally great dilemma: Buy vs Lease!
  39. Radio/info screen damage
  40. Front licsense plate holder
  41. Hondalink setup woes
  42. Leasing experience?
  43. Issues charging on a 220V ClipperCreek charger
  44. Need Cargo Tray recommendations for Clarity Plug-in Hybrid
  45. Cool Clarity Japanese Accessories Catalogue!
  46. EV range: hall of fame
  47. Clarity Charging Interval & Battery Life
  48. Someone with HondaLink Remote Climate Success - Help
  49. Recommendation on Clarity or Accord Hybrid
  50. Climate Use In Parking Lots
  51. My beloved (Watson) Clarity was wrecked
  52. Thinking of buying a Clarity. Some questions.
  53. Honda Clarity Hondalink App
  54. Phoenix to Flagstaff
  55. Thinking about moving up from a Volt
  56. Driving for Quiet
  57. XM radio and Climate preconditioning
  58. First Service on 2018 Clarity
  59. Horn in the Clarity
  60. Issue with Turning the Climate Control System On and Off with the Remote
  61. 72 Mile EV Range best for me so far
  62. So far 4 letters + 3 solicitation calls from SiriusXM !
  63. Colors and Feus de Lis
  64. Clarity Tux Mats, OEM console cover & Level 2 charger
  65. Car wash question.
  66. Honda Care / Sentinel optional maintenance worth it ?
  67. Full Charge only shows 37 miles
  68. 2017 Honda Clarity FCV Fill-up Range
  69. Tint for Clarity?
  70. 220V Equipment install rebate in CA?
  71. Best out the door price for Base Model Clarity?
  72. Upgraded NAV today
  73. Drive Cycle Score / Lifetime Points
  74. Cold weather, warm up, engine weirdness
  75. How to: lock doors while "on", Run when Charging?
  76. Impact of daily, complete battery depletion
  77. Overdrive?
  78. Range is 999 miles
  79. 2019 news?
  80. Dealer called about “battery recall”
  81. EV Range diminishing
  82. First long trip
  83. Is my ACC working correctly?
  84. Cargo Tray / Mat
  85. car seat covers
  86. Deciding which 'mode' to use
  87. Blink Station Usage
  88. Clarity is among Canada's hottest selling vehicles this year
  89. Love my new Clarity but curious what others have found....irksome
  90. Quick question:
  91. Display unresponsive when iPhone connected via USB
  92. Honda Cargo Hook installation
  93. Regenerative breaking