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In the summer I see 350 miles of range but in the winter I rarely see 300 miles. Normally On trips I will get 45-50 MPG at 65 MPH. I just drove a 350 mile trip at 80 mph in SD with temps about 30 degrees. Started with a full battery and gas and made 280 before the low fuel warning came on. I drove another 30 miles to nearest gas station and took 6.5 gals to fill. 38 MPG (250 miles on the gas side) but again all at 80 MPG. Also had a slight headwind. My main complaint about this car is the tiny gas tank. Most of my daily driving is on electric only. I have gone over a month without any gas at all. All in all I like this car a lot. Some quirks, though, like after refilling the gas tank it may take a day for the gas gauge to get to the full mark.
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