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Range & Cost per mile

New user. Guess I committed a faux pas and posted in the incorrect place, so trying again. Still have the same issues.

Have had the a fuel cell Clarity for about a year. Checked my balance on the Visa debit card I use for fueling and did some quick math. Realized that it costs about $.85 per mile for fuel, which is absolutely outrageous. Bad enough that stations near me are out of fuel on a pretty regular basis (there are only two close by) but I had no idea that it would cost so much to run this car. I figure an average gasoline car costs maybe $.20 per mile for fuel here in California.

Also, I was originally told by salesman that range would be about 330 miles. I have never hit more than 310 and now I show between 260 and 275 mile range after a fill up of hydrogen.

The car is nice enough, but if I knew then what I know now I probably would not have leased this car. And I absolutely cannot get any answers from the dealer (Norm Reeves) or Honda.
What happened to the helpful Honda guy when I need to talk with him?
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I thought Honda gives you free hydrogen fuel during the lease of the FCV Clarity in CA ??

Are you not in CA ?
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Yes, the fuel is provided at no cost to the customer. The pump price reflects the cost of operating the stations at low volumes. During this ramp-up period, while the network of fueling stations and the number of cars is growing, subsidies are provided to the station operators so they can stay in business and to the drivers so they will not be put off by the price of fuel. After a few more years it is expected that there will be enough cars on the road to achieve the economies of scale necessary to make hydrogen economically viable, at which time the per-mile price of hydrogen will be equal to, or lower than, gasoline.

As to range, I've had my car since August, 2017 and have driven about 24,000 miles. I've seen predicted ranges anywhere from 270 to 375. Range varies with driving conditions. High speed driving and quick acceleration will result in lower range. The best way to calculate your fuel consumption is the time-honored odometer method, as the range indication is really just a guess. Next time you go to fill up, note the reading on your B trip computer, which resets to zero each time your refuel, before you shut off the car. Then note how many kg of hydrogen you pump. Divide miles by kg to get your economy. Mid-sixties is pretty typical for these cars. They hold 5.5 kg, which is how the predicted range of 360 is calculated.
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