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Originally Posted by obermd View Post
The ICE shouldn't come on at all until the driver specifically asks for HV mode or the battery is depleted.
Yes that's what I'm saying. And I think for most people there would be plenty of power just in EV. For those who don't think it's enough they could drive in one of the modes that will trigger ICE when doing hard acceleration.
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Originally Posted by 2002 View Post
Actually the OP never said that the Clarity PHEV was an experimental car, someone else said that.

Also you seem to be making some assumptions about why the OP got the car, which they specifically said they were not going to mention because that wasn't the point of their post. People buy cars for a variety of reasons. When I bought my first Prius in 2002 when hybrids were very rare, people kept telling me that I made a mistake because it won't save money. I told them that wasn't why I bought it. I knew the gas savings would not fully offset the higher cost, and I didn't buy it to save the planet, I was just fascinated by the technology and found it a very interesting car to own. The OP just said whatever someone's reasons for being interested in getting one, here are some things you should know which Honda won't tell you ahead of time, and it's also information that is not readily available online. That's why I really appreciated their post because I have come across very few first hand accounts by someone who has actually owned one. And none of those accounts went into this much detail about what it is really like owning one.

The OP clearly has no intention of getting another FCEV so no need to convince them. And I don't see the point in beating it into them that it was not the best choice, as they already said that. It was clearly stated that the purpose of the post was to provide information about lessons learned the hard way in the hope of helping others who might be making the same decision.
Amen. What he/she said. Mostly I had just returned from CES and got tricked into all these cool new fangled mobiles. I got myself one and it aint what I thought it was. :re: fuel costs you are absolutely correct about saving hard dollars. But, the absolute pain in the butt of chasing fuel makes it tough to justify long term.
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I've intentionally not said much about my overall thoughts about the car itself. I'm not a fan for a number of reasons for me personally but I can get behind the fact that the car is very comfortable and feels plush inside. Has kind of cool futuristic look sans rear wheel covers. Huge back seats. All good stuff. Not here to rain on anyone's parade or love of their Clarity but it's my least favorite car I've ever owned separating the car from the fuel. Mostly I was here to talk about the specifics of the fuel cell clarity and make sure anyone on the fence knew what they were getting into before leasing one. I do think the Honda Clarity is a bigger nicer car than the Toyota's. The Hyundai suv version looks like a nice car too. One pulled in behind me the other day when fueling and looked beautiful. That was the second one I'd ever seen. I have zero experience with the other ?Clarity models and have never owned an electric or hybrid. Hopefully my post will help someone one day. I'm not even advocating to not get one. Just be aware of what you won't be told.
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Originally Posted by obermd View Post
The entire Clarity line is experimental. This is based on Honda's historical usage of this nameplate - the current Clarities aren't the first time Honda has used this nameplate for extended on-road data collection.

Of the three current Clarity models, the PHEV is probably the most finished and capable but the reality is that it's way behind the Volt in driving dynamics. While the Clarity PHEV can drive anywhere in the country, unlike the FCEV and BEV variants, Honda reduced the PHEV's overall driving experience by using an electric motor that is too small for the vehicle. Both the Clarity Electric and FCEV have electric motors that can handle the vehicle under all conditions. The Clarity PHEV is at it's heart, a classic hybrid that gives priority to the electric drivetrain. The Volt was a BEV that used the ICE to extend the range. There's a fundamental difference in how these two approaches feel to the driver. Under heavy loads such as passing and short interstate on-ramps a classic hybrid will pull power from both the ICEV and EV power plants, resulting in slower and inconsistent response times to the throttle. The Volt always responds with the EV power plant, resulting in consistent response to the throttle. The Volt then uses the ICE refill the battery buffers.

Please note - I regularly drive both a 2017 Volt and a 2018 Clarity so I've experienced the above. The Clarity is definitely a more comfortable car to ride in, but the Volt is the better car from the driver's perspective, especially in high speed traffic.

I've never had difficulty getting up to traffic speed with pure EV mode on the Clarity, even with folks speeding at 75 mph and the speed suggestion signs saying 65 mph. There is one particular on-ramp I take sometimes that's a tight turn (suggested speed 20 mph) on one of those clover leaf interchanges, and it's a very steep hill for the car to climb the whole way, with the steepest part right at the top as you come out into a tiny merge lane. Heavy trucks are banned from the road it dumps you on, so I guess they figured any vehicle that would be coming up that hill would be able to accelerate fast enough. The Clarity handles it with ease and I never feel like I'm impeding traffic. The ICE never has to come on, even driving in Eco mode.

In fact, I can't think of a single time when I've pressed the accelerator hard enough to get the ICE to come on. The only time my ICE comes on is for a system test or if I run out of battery charge. Customers who want "more power" should look at a Tesla, or otherwise stick with the conventional muscle car they probably already own.
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Loving my new car!
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