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Remote climate not working

So, the weather has turned cold here in Pittsburgh, and alas, my remote climate control isn't working! The app starts up fine on my iPhone app. If I give the "Turn On Climate" command the app runs through all the steps (Sending Command, Contacting Server, Connecting to Vehicle, Awaiting Response, Waking Vehicle, Retrieving status, Status updating) over a couple of minutes. But then it terminates with "Unable to receive a response from the vehicle at this time, please try again later".

The iPhone app's home page says "Last Updated on 11/08/2019 at 2:13pm." I've restarted the iPhone a few times since then.

This has happened at 3 different locations in 2 different states. In all cases, the iPhone and the vehicle were both in a good cellphone coverage area. No other error messages from the car or the app.

I'm wondering if maybe this is caused by some decision at Honda to cut back on Clarity expenses by shutting down its servers and/or software. Any troubleshooting ideas or other thoughts?

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I had the same problem this morning - so I just used the fob and it worked perfectly.
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that works!

Yup, the fob works for starting the climate preconditioning.

Nice video on fob features:

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Doesn't sound like Honda would shut down or cut back on supporting the Clarity - issues like this remind me of cellular server access issues during maintenance downtime...

Have you checked the iOS version on your phone and the app updates ?

Then, contact the app developer: HondaLink for an update to be queued up...
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I've had similar problems using my phone, Android not IPhone. I have read a lot of negative comments about the glitchiness of the HondaLink phone app, so I tend to use my iPad and it always works.
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I’ve talked to Honda support for this same issue. Try resetting your phone’s network settings. It’s a pain to re-enter your WiFi passwords, but that is what fixed it for me. Idk why that fixed an issue that seems like it is on Honda’s end, but it did.

This is just me spitballing, but right before my HondaLink stopped working, I went on family vacation and moved to a new city. The day it stopped working for me, I also checked in on a charging session more often than usual to see when I could hit the road (low gas so I needed all the EV range I could get). I think they blocked my device and resetting network settings reset the login token my phone sent to access the server. Honda support said they don’t block devices, but idk if their app devs would tell the L1 support that kind of info.

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In order for remote climate control to work, both your phone and the car must be in LTE range. I learned this out because my office is in a basement with no LTE coverage. Remote climate control fails to engage while in my office, but works perfectly if I'm in LTE range when the timer goes off for remote climate control.
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Still no luck

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I've tried 'em all. HondaLink error message is "Unable to receive a response from the vehicle at this time. Please try again later."

1. I reset all the WiFi settings on my iPhone
2. I checked to make sure I've got the latest version of HondaLink, it's 4.1.1 which is current
3. IOS on my phone is also up to date
4. The car is sitting in my driveway, in good LTE and WiFi range. My phone is right here in my house, also with good LTE and WiFi

Next step is to try the dealer's service department, which will probably be a waste of time, since I think they've only sold 2 Clarity's, ever. After that, I'll try to get some help from Honda corporate. Anyone have any idea how to do that?

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