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1st Hiccup Has Dealer Stumped

About two weeks ago, while sifting thru my audio sources via the steering wheel commands, my audio information screen froze. Nothing would work -- turned off the vehicle and started again -- still frozen, but a small message was on the screen, which unfortunately I can't remember the words, but it was in a little box and not in any of the normal fonts or style of the images I was used to with the display. But it was something to do with a the problem and needed to be pushed on the touch screen. I did. The system appeared to reboot, which it finally did after about a minute and things seemed normal. All was good until I went to start the car again on my next trip. The system rebooted itself again, and has needed to every time I have started the car since. What I am calling a "reboot" may not be that, however this is not the short delay I was used to, and the screen starts blank with just a big white Honda "H" symbol (no arty graphics) until it is finished, when the info screen gets to where it used to get to in seconds.

The car operates normally while the info screen reboots (I can start driving in any mode, etc.), but if I left the radio on it won't start playing again until the reboot is finished, unless it is standard FM or AM radio. And once it is finished it operates normally until I turn off the car and it sits for a few minutes, and I need to start the car again. (if I turn the car back on immediately after turning it off, it doesn't need to reboot) It is almost like it is starting in "safe mode" ever since it froze. The info screen has been a bit buggy since, too. Almost half the time Sirius will start to play, but then stop and not play and I get the message "Check Tuner". If I turned off the car and start again it will then Sirius will start working again. I never noticed before this happened, but it seems the Sirius system takes awhile to get dialed into the satellite (indicated by the blinking sat link symbol, which can take up to a minute to stop blinking). The music doesn't necessarily not not play when this is blinking, so I'm not sure if they are related, but it was never an issue before. The other gremlin that shows up is the side view camera will sometimes not work. The info screen switches into mode as if the camera were working, with the "Objects appear..." text, but the screen is blank. This is true if I push the button on the lever or use the lever to put the left turn signal on. This is intermittent. May work once, but not the next turn, but then work again on the next turn.

The dealer service couldn't correct the problem in my initial visit, so they have given me a loaner while they dig deeper with the factory. Hopefully there will be a simple answer. I don't have $5K miles on it yet. This is the first Honda I have ever had any serious or baffling problem with, and I've owned, at least one, Honda since 1991 (CRX, Civic, Ridgeline, Accord Hybrid). I still have the original Ridgeline, too.
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Sounds to me like the base Android OS needs to be reinstalled on the information system. It's Android 4.something. I suspect what will happen is Honda will have your dealership replace that entire module.

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Correct. They said they need to replace it. Will take a few days to get it then they'll put it in. The dealer service personnel have been very attentive, got me a loaner because I am 40 miles away. Fingers crossed.
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