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Originally Posted by obermd View Post
Colorado is onboard and has a $5,000 rebate, but why should Americans in states that don't get these cars have to subsidize the 13 states that do get the cars.

Aha! I agree with much of what you have to say, but I wonder if you would kindly spell out how residents of other states are subsidizing those states? It is my impression that it is the e-car manufacturers who are partially subsidizing the sale of these cars so they can balance out the much greater quantities of carbon emitting cars they wish to sell in those states.

And any US resident with a license and insurance are free to go to those states and purchase such a car at bargain prices. (N.B. Sales taxes are another matter -- you may definitely want to have the car shipped to your home state!)

And yes, I agree, the logic of capping federal rebates to the first 200000 units sold seems not to be working. It has not incentivized much new innovation from those manufacturers who are very slowly entering the market with similar vehicles. The current producers seem to be doing much of the innovation...
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