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Originally Posted by CarNewby View Post
The ZEV states are trying to give an incentive for zero emission cars. Most authorities believe it is mandatory to decarbonize our transportation system as soon as possible if we have a hope to moderate the continued accelerating climate crisis.

Why don't you try to be helpful, by trying to convince your state to get onboard?
Colorado is onboard and has a $5,000 rebate, but why should Americans in states that don't get these cars have to subsidize the 13 states that do get the cars.

To be more specific, I asked my congressman for the following:

- The Federal Credit be extended to all manufacturers until a certain percentage of new car sales across the country meet the standards. GM and Tesla should NOT be penalized for leading the way.
- For a vehicle to qualify it must have an all electric range sufficient to cover 95% of all round trip commutes in the United States. The Clarity PHEV is close to this limit by the way.
- For a vehicle to qualify it must be available for sales and service in all 50 States.

This does not prevent each state from having additional credits and incentives. There is a real problem in that those few states who follow CARB rules are getting the bulk of the EVs, not only in sales but also in models. Currently the only EVs widely for sale across the country are Teslas, the Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf, and Toyota Prius Prime. There are leftover Volts and Clarity PHEVs, but not very many. It's no wonder that EV penetration in the US is so low. If we're going to use Federal policy to promote EVs it needs to be written in such a manner that car manufacturers will actually sell and service them everywhere.

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