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What do the various colors on the power charge gauge signify? and what do the green "Fleur de Lis" that appear when I turn off the ICE signify. "Can't think of a better description of these symbols and there are more each time they PPEAR)
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I have experienced the engine racing also, at least twice since I bought the car in October. Today I was driving on a secondary road when it started (while in HV mode); didn't last as long as before, only about 30 seconds, but the engine was absolutely screaming, as if I had pushed down on the gas without releasing the clutch in a manual shift car. This can't be good for any engine. I don't buy the explanation that the engine is only lubricating itself; it should not have to rev so much to accomplish that. I wonder if the continuously variable transmission belt is slipping? Plus, I've always wondered why the engine must rev to a smaller extent whenever the engine turns on. What is the purpose of that? My old C-Max hybrid never exhibited any engine racing. I wonder if there are any Honda engineers watching this forum who could provide technical explanations for the Clarity's behavior.
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Originally Posted by MPG+ View Post
I wonder if the continuously variable transmission belt is slipping?
The Clarity doesn't have a "traditional" CVT - the secondary electric motor (the starter/generator) serves as a computer-controlled "e-cvt", serving the same purpose. So there's no belt to slip. The e-cvt decides how much torque the car needs and how to produce it: From the traction battery, from the generator and traction battery, from the generator and ICE or from the generator, traction battery and ICE. It also sets the speed at which the ICE needs to run.
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