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Instead of retyping and adding pictures I'll post a link to my FB thread regarding replacement of horns. If you click on the pictures I added information there. Sorting picture, 1 picture 2, etc did not work well.

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I had a driver try to pull into me on the freeway, & the rinky-dink factory horn did no good at all. So I decided that I needed something that could be heard. Thanks for the info on installing a replacement horn, it was helpful to a point. A couple of things I might enlarge on, though, are that the plastic clips have a unique release & replacement method, which involves pushing down the thin plastic ring around their outer edge. Also, the original horns each have a single attachment point for the two thin wires encased in a hard plastic & sticky rubbery filled cable, which is then wrapped in electrical tape. The dual Hella horns I ordered have two, separate attachment points, and came with no wires, just the horns. I clipped off the connector on one original horn & was eventually able to peel away enough cable to free-up the wires. But working in that confined space, holding back the plastic cover, with lots of metal edges, and that sticky filler which didn't want to let go, was far from an easy job. I ordered some wires that were supposed to work with replacement horns, but didn't. Fortunately, I had some old crimp connectors and some wire, and was able to crimp new wires onto those two original wires which I had freed out to maybe 3/4", & then to crimp connectors onto the other end of the wires to connect to the horn. I taped the crimped connections to ensure no shorts. I did the easiest horn to access, then decided discretion was the better part of valor, and to leave the other original in place. So far, the new horn works fine & is much louder. I don't get the dual tone effect, but that's OK with me. Thanks, again. Rimrock
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