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Steering Wheel Angle Fix

Hello, I need to fix my steering wheel angle on my Honda Clarity. My wheel alignment is good. When driving in a straight line my steering wheel is turned just a few degrees to the right. The solution appears to be running a Neutral Memorization Procedure in the i-HDS similar to 2014-2019 Honda Odyssey vehicles described in the link below.


It looks like a battery disconnect might require a steering Angle Neutral Position Learn with 2017 Honda Civics.

Each individual vehicle repair manual should be checked for the proper battery disconnect and reconnect procedures, he wrote. On this 2017 Civic the battery reconnect procedure does not list any requirement for seat check or initialization but it does list a requirement for Steering Angle Neutral Position Learn after reconnecting the battery.

It looks like it might happen with the Honda Accord as well.

This might be the directions on how to Rewrite the Neutral Position of the Steering Wheel Angle.

And here is a YouTube video where an Autel scanner is used to Reset the Steering Angle on a Honda Accord.

When I searched Google I saw lots of suggestions about getting a wheel alignment done or adjusting physical components but I don't think that is the answer in my case. I need to get my hands on i-HDS ( and try to correct my steering wheel angle. Unfortunately, my laptop battery won't keep a charge so it might take a while for me to do this procedure. I'll come back to write an update once I've tried it out.
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That's interesting I didn't realize that steering wheel angle is adjusted electronically now, unlike the old days where you would just loosen a bolt, adjust the steering wheel and then retighten.

A lot of Clarity owners have either had dead batteries, or purposely disconnected the battery in order to reset the system to cure various odd symptoms. In fact I have done both of them one time each (of course only one of them was on purpose). When battery power is restored you get a slew of error messages about ABS and several other things not working, but within about a mile of driving the error messages go away. The only lingering effect of battery disconnect (or dead battery) that I am aware of is that it clears driving data so the EV range estimate is way off until you drive the car a few times. But I have never heard anyone report that their steering wheel was suddenly off-kilter after a battery disconnect. You would think that any adjustment for steering wheel angle is stored in non-volatile memory and is not lost after battery disconnect. But I guess the only way to know is to run the procedure, then disconnect the battery and see if it retains the adjustment or if it loses it and you have to run the procedure again.
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Originally Posted by 2002 View Post
That's interesting I didn't realize that steering wheel angle is adjusted electronically now, unlike the old days where you would just loosen a bolt, adjust the steering wheel and then retighten.
That was my thought as well, but I guess with electric power steering it's not a surprise.

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"That's interesting I didn't realize that steering wheel angle is adjusted electronically now, unlike the old days where you would just loosen a bolt, adjust the steering wheel and then retighten."

I think you are indicating the spline adjustment on the wheel if you remove the nut and reposition the wheel on the spline of the steering shaft, that is a a large correction as the teeth on the spline are many degrees apart.

The picture from the original poster indicates a slight offset that usually is corrected by turning the tie rod adjusters while still setting the correct toe in/toe out specification.

If this can be done electronically that is news to me also, another reason I need to get downloading those technical manuals from the Honda site.
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Upon further study of the issue I do not believe there is any way to electronically correct the mechanical position of the steering wheel.
The mentioned zeroing of the wheel refers to the the steering angle sensor (SAS).
The sensor simply gives input to the computer as to when the steering is at zero meaning the car is going straight ahead.
The sensor is then set or calibrated to zero so the computer can use this to make other steering adjustments as needed, lane departure etc.
In the case of the offset steering wheel as shown in the picture the adjustments to zero of the steering wheel has to done mechanically as always by turning the tie rod adjusters and maintaining the correct toe in, toe out.
After this adjustment the steering angle sensor (SAS) will need to be calibrated.
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That's a coincidence. I just had the exact same problem with my new 2020 Clarity (at about 3,500 miles), except that my steering wheel was a bit to the left. I took it to my dealer and explained the situation. I specifically told them that the car seemed to be holding the road right, but that the steering wheel was always a bit to the left, as though the steering wheel needed to be pulled off, rotated a bit, and put back on. I told them that I knew that was probably not what needed doing, but that was what it seemed like.

So, they did an alignment, the service dept. manager test drove, and they had me come pick it up. Result? No difference.

I went back a couple of days later and had the service dept. manager take a drive with me to show him what I was talking about. They then fixed it and it is all good now. I'm not sure exactly what they did. I put a call in to my service rep to see if he can tell me. If he tells me anything, I'll post again to relay what he says.
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Okay, I just heard back from my dealer. According to my service advisor, they fixed my steering wheel problem (which was almost exactly the same as yours, see my post above in this thread) by "adjustments made to tie rod ends to align steering wheel."
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