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Wheel options...

The Clarity wheels are 18"x8" and 5x114.3 pattern, +50mm offset. These are the same as the Honda Civic Si aluminum/black wheels. Here's a link to a photo:


I've been considering these as I think they would look great on the Clarity as well. They pop up on Ebay fairly often at around $700 for 4 new take-offs. I do hate to give up the mile or so hit on both the battery and the mpg since I believe the Clarity stock wheels are more efficient, but this look seems pretty sharp to me. Instead of spending more money and maybe hurting the efficiency of the car, I am beginning to consider just painting the plastic inserts to the Clarity stock wheels a gloss black. I've played with photoshop a little and I think this would be a better look than the stock gray. If anyone has an opinion on what they think this would look like, please post here and tell me your thoughts...

I also bought a spare wheel for the car. The Nissan Maxima V aluminum wheel has all the right dimensions other than the center hub. You can buy a 66.1mm to 64.1mm (Nissan to Honda) aluminum centric hub wheel adapter to fix this for nearly nothing (sold for $8 for 4 on Ebay). The adapter fits into the wheel snugly, so a rubber mallet and a piece of wood and a few carefully placed bumps, and the Nissan wheel becomes a Honda wheel. I also bought a Honda Accord scissor jack and tools on Ebay for about $25, so now I am set if I do have a flat. I just hate to tow a car for a flat tire. I did the same thing for my Chevrolet Volt, and over the 5 years I have owned the car, I've had a couple of occurrences where having a spare tire saved me a lot of trouble (and just the piece of mind is worth it to me). I keep the spare in the back hatch of the Volt, since it has 4 tie downs to secure the tire. I keep it face down, so there is a lot of storage space on the interior of the wheel. This actually often comes in handy when grocery shopping to fill the inside of the wheel and not having to worry about things rolling around without securing them. I think that for now I will just keep the Clarity spare at home unless I am driving the car on a road trip, but I still feel better having a spare tire for it. I'd rather be able to handle my own problems, rather than to have to rely on a tow truck.
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You bought a full size wheel from a Nissan Maxima as your spare tire? Why not just get an additional Honda Clarity wheel if you’re going to go with a full size spare? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Thanks!
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