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Garmin NAV update

Don't know what prompted me but a bit ago I went to and downloaded the help file for NAV updates. Following the instructions, I put a new 32G stick into the car. You must put it in prior to starting. I 1st tried the drivers side (1.5amp) and it didn't work so I tried the passenger side and it worked. Now I have it plugged into my computer and it's downloading a new set of maps. I'll let you know how it works when it's done and I've installed them into the car. Starting 1st with a clean stick in the car d/loads the version you have to the stick. Then you have to put it into your computer after d/loading a Garmin program from the site and it will then tell you if a new version is available. It was. My car was produced in Jan of 2018 so if you have a newer production date you may already have the update.

It's time consuming, may take around 2-3 hours to download (not a fast server). Then more time pushing the data into the car. I had a clean 32g stick. You'll need at least 16g. More later.
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Thanks for the info! I wouldn't have known you could update your own maps. In previous cars I and my family have owned with built-in sat-nav, you've either had to go to the dealership to have them update maps or (Hyundai-specific) buy a new Maps pack SD card.

I'll check to see if I have any updates available and report back my experiences with updating maps (e.g. update speed, any errors I may encounter, oddities like only one port or the other working, etc.)
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Map Update was easy and free

Greetings all. Ive got the 2018 clarity and im new here but wanted to jump right in and share...

So I started getting that annoying notice that my map was out dated... i dont even use it i just use waze with apple car play but i wanted to get this cleared...

it is free and easy...

1. you need a usb drive formatted to FAT32 at least 16gb nothing else will work..

a quick google search on 2018 clarity gps update and you will be taken to the garmin site where you can update...

so the easy steps

Take the formatted usb to the car

go to map settings... scroll down.. select update maps and go thru the prompts.

go back to computer.. install "garmin express".

connect that usb

go thru prompts..

update the map that you loaded from the car...

when its done take it back to the car

go back thru same steps...

leave car running until its done...


I have26000 miles..... and maybe just hit $300 dollars in gasoline since August 2018
Love this car coming from a denali
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Originally Posted by MrPryorsays View Post
So I started getting that annoying notice that my map was out dated... i dont even use it i just use waze with apple car play but i wanted to get this cleared...
You don't use the built-in NAV but you are getting an annoying message about the map being out of date. Are you saying that the message pops up when you start the car, or if not when exactly does the message appear?
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I got the "annoying" message, but only when I accessed the Garmin map. Everyone to their own taste, but I like the built in map better than apple play. Too many steps to connect and turn on apple play. Push one button and the built in map is there. I recently updated the map. Take more than a few minutes but easy to do.
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Got a notification on my pc of a map update yesterday. Downloaded it overnight and installed it on my way to work today.
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