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Originally Posted by The Gadgeteer View Post
For comparison Honda sold 291,000 Accords last year.
You are bringing up a separate topic which is FCEV sales compared to other cars especially extremely popular models like Accord. I wasn't talking about that because I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that everyone already knows that 1,000 is a pittance if you are comparing to popular mainstream cars.

I was commenting that I was surprised that there are even 1,000 Clarity FCEV out there, I would have guessed less than 500, not on any data but just based on never hearing about them including on the Clarity forums. If there have been postings by FCEV lessees I guess I missed them. I'm sure data is available I just never bothered looking then I saw this post which said 1,000 are out there and that surprised me. I am not however surprised at all that Honda sold 291,000 Accords last year. I can drive three blocks down any street and confirm that that number sounds reasonable.

EDIT - Actually if we were comparing FCEV "sales" (they are only leased with no option to purchase) an interesting number would be the number of Accords leased in the limited regions in California where the FCEV is available. Although that number is a little harder to come by.

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