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Angry IRS deduction

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
I've had mine since February, 2018. We were close to the first to drive one off the lot from our dealer. We now have about 12,500 miles in and still love the car, although we had our first bad experience Tuesday, when we were traveling on I-5 from the Sacramento area to Oregon and had a flat tire, about 60 miles from home. The car had to be towed (Honda paid for it) to Chico, another 50 miles from home, and as the damage was irrepairable, we had to wait overnight for a replacement tire. I tried to pump and repair the tire with the included kit, but the hole was too large. The worst part of this situation was that the dealer didn't have a replacement tire in stock. Also, I would have bought a spare kit from them right there and then, but "sorry, we don't have one". Anyone with information about a kit? I would be happy to put a "throw-away" spare into the trunk for trips, to avoid being stranded again.
Much smoother ride than our Accord V6
I think it looks great
Plenty of room for passengers, with comfortable seats. I don't miss lumbar adjustment
Plenty of useful power
Once you learn everything that's available, I enjoy the driving mode options
Can completely charge on 110 circuit, during off-hours
We saved well over $1000 this past year on gas from our 2013 Accord V6 trade-in (including the electric cost off-set)
Feds gave me a $7,500 tax credit and California is giving me a $1500 rebait
Mountain travel makes for some noisy gas engine struggles
No spare tire!
"You're on your own" attitude, as evidenced by the lack of a real manual with the car (I know it's available online)
When I did my federal taxes I was in for a rude shock. If you owe them over $7500 you can deduct every cent. If you own them $100 then that is all you get and the other $7400 is wasted. You cannot roll over the remainder from the cars write off. Good thing I would have bought the car with out the write off. mike
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