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After looking at a Tesla Model 3, we had second thoughts about the maximum distance and the price. Ended up with the Clarity and I love it! Just 2 weeks ago I took my first long distance drive (I've only been driving it locally on electric) and drove the car up to Ashland from Sacramento and it worked like a dream. Only needed to stop once in Redding for 3.5 gallons of gas and breezed on up in HV mode. My battery still had 3/4 charge. So easy!! We'll keep our eyes on Tesla as a possible next car, but this one fills the bill for us right now. When friends ask me about how it works, I tell them I have two driving modes -- Tesla mode (45 miles electric around town) and Prius mode (HV for distance). Love this car!
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From an EV perspective, the Volt (any model year) is a better car as it won't start the ICE until the batteries run out. The Clarity PHEV needs both the electric and gas motors under heavy load. My 2017 Volt can handle all loads on either EV or ICE alone.

From a creature comfort perspective, the Clarity PHEV is definitely better.

From the perspective of documenting vehicle operations and maintenance, the Volt wins hands down. GM tells you under what conditions the car will automatically turn on the ICE (there are a few), how often the car handles ICE engine and fuel maintenance, and gives you a printed service schedule. Honda hides all this stuff with the highly paternalistic attitude that says they think their vehicle owners are idiots. (I suspect this may actually be a Japanese cultural thing.) Honda even hid the service schedule from you behind that idiotic "Service Minder" system - you have no idea which service is coming next, which would be helpful in planning for a long trip.

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