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Originally Posted by mowcowbell View Post
Well, for short commutes and a $200\month lease, I guess I could drive a Clarity EV. Doubt you could find a lease on a Bolt or Leaf near that rate.
The Oregon Electric Vehicle Association had a raffle/drawing for $5K towards a new LEAF at the the Portland Auto Show. When we helped the winner look at leases, they used the $5K + the $2,500 Oregon rebate as a "down payment" on an SV trim LEAF. Payment was still $280/mo on a 36 month lease.

Makes my deal on the Clarity Electric look like a steal. $499 down ($1,499 less $1K loyalty cash from the Fit EV program), 35 payments of $199, less $2,500 OR rebate. Comes out to $4,964 for 3 years or ~$138/mo.

Do I wish it had more range? Of course. But can't currently touch any other EV for anywhere near that amount and we have a 43 mpg "gas guzzler" for longer trips (and our motorcycles for vacation trips )


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