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Screen Protector

I am thinking of putting a screen protector on mine. When I go searching on places like eBay, there are not a whole lot that shows up for Clarity but lots for other Honda models. I recall seeing here that our head-end is identical to some past year Accord and I am thinking that is a good way to generate more hits. Does anyone have info on what year I need to be looking for?

I also saw some reference to generic 7" screen protector that appears to fit CR-V but I would like to avoid an unsightly situation where the aspect ratio or coverage not matching well and looking "out of place".

It looks like the newer models have switched to having two knobs on the bottom corners so clearly those will not fit.

Suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.
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Folks have used this and seem very pleased with it. Several options to choose from including anti-glare.

Hope this helps.
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I bought a Photodon custom sized for Clarity screen protector based on a lot of positive comments in Clarity forums. Although somewhat expensive at around $25 including shipping it has basically been perfect. It is completely clear I don't even know it's there, and the touch screen works just like it did when the screen was unprotected. The big difference is that previously my screen had finger smudges within the first five minutes of driving, the only way to keep it clean would have been to wipe it down each time I shut off the car, which obviously wasn't going to happen. After installing the Photodon protector there are literally zero smudges now and I only have to actually clean the screen when it gets dusty enough to notice.

I bought the clear version, based on reviews it didn't sound like their anti-glare version helped that much, and my priority was for the screen to be as clear and bright as possible.

Installation is not hard but you really have to take your time and follow all of the instructions to the letter as they have specific cleaning steps before you install.

It is sized perfectly for the 8 inch Clarity screen, with about a credit card width line of "unprotected" screen around the edge, actually maybe half a credit card width. So carefully lining it up is important, but it's not adhesive so it's not like you only get one shot but still you don't want to be moving it around a lot so you want to try and line it up correctly the first time if possible to avoid risking creasing it or something, maybe that wouldn't happen that easily but I didn't want to find out.

Their website lists it as 2018 Clarity but of course it's the same size screen for 2019 and 2020.
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Ha, well I guess it must have taken me 18 minutes to compose my message because I didn't see Clarity_newbie's message until after I posted my message 18 minutes later.
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One year ago I bought a screen protector on EBay for about $10 and it has worked great. I get some smudges and dust but it is easy to wipe clean with eyeglass wipes I keep in the console.
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O.K. Thank you. Ordered a set.

Appreciate the suggestions.
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I am using this. Really happy with it.
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