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Thoughts on Design Language?

Design has always been one area I felt Honda lacked in and the Clarity is no different. Seeing one in person might change that but the fact its pulls from the Accord but is compressed to Civic proportions, is hard to get away from, regardless of how and where you see it. Do you guys think Honda could have done different because I personally would like to see design unique to this model, not cookie cutter design features. I have to admit that those hybrid aerodynamic aluminum-alloy wheels look amazing.

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It may look a tad cookie cutter, but Honda did add small nuances to set the Clarity apart from the other cars. Like the light strip extending down the front bumper from the headlights or that small little indent on the side at the bottom of the rear passenger door. Think it looks better than the Accord and Civic.
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I mean you have to admit that the redesign is a significant improvement over the FCX. Keep in mind that the majority of people with interest in this model, are far more concerned with practicality than aesthetics.
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I rather like the exterior design elements of the Clarity!!

I am not sure what's conventional or not conventional in car design, but I thought the placement of the air vents along the sides took a bit of boldness, as well as the streamlining around the rear tires, and the placement of those daytime led lights in such severely straight line segments. But I have grown used to them. In fact, I now look at other cars and am disappointed at seeing their naked exposed rear wheels and thinking: how ordinary 😏.

It does appear that Honda is moving to more conventional designs in future Clarity offerings. However this may well distinguish the 2018 Clarity as a future collector's item, so I plan to keep mine in good shape. ☺️
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