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Angry Full Charge only shows 37 miles

I have only had this car for a month so far, but every time I charge the car full (Honda Link or Charegepoint app shows Charging 100%). The car's EV Range only shows 37 miles, Fuel guage shows charging is full.

I took it to the dealer, he said there was a software update pending, so they completed and said it should fix the issue, but so far it has not changed. Dealer says, its the estimated range based on my driving habits and asked me to try 10 days of Crazy, zippy driving and see if the 37 becomes 34~. Also for 10 days drive in the most economic mode, like im running out of gas soon. To see if the range improves.

Is this normal?
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Depending on where you live cold weather affects electric range. I had up to 55 miles in the summer and as soon as the weather got cooler or cold it went down to lower 40's. That would be normal. Winter is a different ball game for electric cars.
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For me it pretty much shows the same 36/37 for outside temperatures ranging from 20 - 60.
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My range, which had been in the high 40s low 50s has dropped to mid to low 30s. I understand winter is a different ball game, but this change was very abrupt. Have had the software updates and dealer has rechecked and does not believe there is a problem other than winter weather.
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Hey GeofK,

How did the weather change in your area? Do you live in one of those Cold'ish area like New England or somewhere close to Canadian Border?

Trying to understand how the outside temperature impacts the Range
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My wife drives with the heater blasting, heated seats on, and still complains about being cold all the time. She gets 35 miles per charge.

I drive with the heater off, seats off, Sport mode for regen, and a light foot. I tap defrost to clear the windshield whenever it gets foggy and then turn it off when it's clear. I get 50+ miles per charge. We have the same commute and the weather is the same any given day this winter (30-45 degrees for the last month); her preferences are toward comfort so she loses range when she drives.

After I drive for a week it updates the estimates and assumes 48-52 miles on a full charge, but when she drives it for a week it estimates about 40 for a full charge.

Your mileage may vary
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Got it - so while your wife is driving, every time you unplug after a full charge, EV range shows about 35.

On your case, it probably shows 47+?

In my case - everytime I unplug after a full charge, i only see 36 or 37
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Full overnight (13 hour) 115v outdoor charge at 15 degrees showed 26 EV range. Still getting 40.8 mpg since the last trip A odometer reset. When it's that cold we need to run the defroster on any car for at least a few minutes to clear the inside of the windshield. That cost a good 10mpg out of a tank of gas (I reset the average MPG every fill up) on the 2015 MAZDA6 we had before the Clarity. We don't wait until the car is toasty inside because a gas engine these days won't get warm until you drive it r idle it for 15 minutes. The Clarity heats up nice and quick so there is no teeth chattering for the 1st 5 minutes of driving, but I checked my phone the other morning and it took 30% of the charge for my wife to warm it and drive 3 miles to work. If we can charge it 2 or 3 times a week. be warm when we get in it and maintain 40+ mpg I'm more than happy.
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I am so glad I live in Southern California where we rarely see cold temps.

We are a warm weather state and never suffer from low capacity battery issues.

However living in an area where the air conditioning is used 10 month out of 12 months - we rarely use the seat heaters....
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I bought my Clarity December 5th and today was the first time it got up to the 40 mile range. Temperature here was 45 degrees.


2018 Honda Clarity Touring, Solar Silver
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