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Drive Cycle Score / Lifetime Points

I recently got a copy of the Clarity Owner's Manual and came to a section concerning Drive Cycle Score and Lifetime Points (page 131). I understand that these are to represent different stages of fuel economy that I have attained in my driving, but can anyone tell me what they are actually measuring? What are the values being plotted? And what actual values would move me from one stage to a higher stage?

By the way, I really love the hard copy of the manual, which has a complete list of Warning Messages and a chapter on Handling the Unexpected. So I put it in the glove compartment.

For home use, I downloaded a copy of the pdf file onto my ipad and put it into iBooks. The hypertexting works, and I can enlarge any of the diagrams.

Also, I believe I am correct in assuming that there is a bit of misprint in the captions of the lower arrows, which should be labeled: "Receding to 1st stage" and "Receding to "2nd stage".
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Based on our old Honda Insight, the "better" you drive the more leaves you get per drive. This is measured mostly by not accelerating too hard and not decelerating too quickly, which can also be seen on one of the dash screens (the one where your car moves up or down versus a mid line). When I leave the store at the bottom of the hill and then drive three miles uphill to get home, sometimes I only get 2.5 or 3 leaves. But just about every other time I get 5. I've been playing around with Sport mode and I'm probably not the most conservative driver so I think the leaf system is pretty forgiving.

Eventually when you get enough leaves you move up to level two! Then your leaves are fuller. That's about it. I don't think there's a direct correspondence between level 1 and, say 100 gallons of gas saved, or getting 5 leaves meaning you drove more miles than your estimated range. It's all there to reinforce the idea that a lighter foot is better for economy and look at the pretty leaves.

I've spent some time trying to figure out the leaf system and I've decided it's all just fluff

And you're dead on about that typo. I saw it too.
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