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Question about quality

Hi. New member here. Used to own a 2017 Civic Touring.

I am from Saskatchewan Canada, and there is not a Clarity I on the roads here. The dealers won't bring them in. They're sold in BC, Ontario, and Quebec.

I'm looking at buying a Touring trim Clarity plugin in the used market and there are only a few offerings.

On most reviews I read about how the interior is so "luxe" or high quality. As there is not a Clarity around me at any dealer, I need to rely on pictures and owner's views.

Is the interior really that good? Are the plastic trims of high quality or are they airport Kia rental car quality? The plastics on the Civic Touring that I owned were mediocre but expected of that price range. They'd scratch easily and the door cards would scuff easily. If I ran a fingernail across the plastic face of the power window controls, instant perma scratch!

From pictures at least, the Clarity Touring interior looks nice enough.

Some astute reviewers point out that the car is built in Sayama, Japan, and follow that up with the perception that the car is solidly built. You don't hear that from Civic reviews.

How do the leather seats feel?

As a new member I'd like to say Hi and would like some insight into the interior quality of the car.
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Will the Clarity even start in your cold temperatures? I'd ask why they won't bring in Clarities for sale. The other concern I'd have is all cars eventually break and if a dealership doesn't sell them chances are they won't be able to service them.

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Luckily, Canadian models have a engine/battery heater to keep the battery from freezing up.

When I first looked at the Touring, it was a very nice well put together car.
If I wanted leather (which I don't because of the hot climate), leather wrapped steering wheel, leather trim, navigation and adjustable seats as a distance car / weekend car I would have.

However I already have a weekend/distance car (BMW 5 series) so the Clarity I have is merely for commuting daily...

For commuting 5 days a week, it's the perfect car for me so I chose the Base model.
I do NOT need navigation (less than 10 miles drive distance), adjustable seats (no one else drives it), leather (too hot for So Cal), and leather trim / steering wheel.....
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The Sayama factory (its name) is in Saitama, a city in suburban Tokyo.

I was very impressed by the interior materials of both the Touring and Base models: Where the Touring has faux panels on the dashboard and doors, the Base has a soft-touch material that feels a bit like Neoprene (like a wetsuit worn by divers). The faux-wood plastic is handsome enough that it has confused some reviewers into thinking it was real wood. The leather upholstery is of a good quality, like that found in other Honda and Acura models, but not the "buttery soft" variety you'd find in a luxury vehicle. The cloth seats are also very nice. All told, a handsome and well-designed interior. The attention to soundproofing is also impressive: In addition to the acoustic glass treatment of the windshield and side windows, there are gaskets between every body panel thus negating wind noise: Running electrically, the Clarity PHEV is every bit as quiet inside as a Tesla Model 3.
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Coming from over 20 years of: BMW, Mercedes, and Land Rovers I have to say Honda surely has a better quality control than any other automotive manufacturer.

So if the Clarity proves itself as the legendary Honda lineage in reliability, after my lease is up, I will be buying her out and keeping her for the long haul - at least until 150,000 miles since the EV battery warranty expires then.....
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