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Prospective 2019 Clarity PHEV owner

Hi. So far, I've only been able to test sit a Clarity, as they've been mostly sold out in the Montreal area. I put some $$ down on the base model and expect to get a call in January 2019. Everything I read is very positive, my only reservation is re: the sharp-point-in-the-knee feature for tall drivers. (Taller drivers know what I'm talking about). Power seats might solve my problem but they are not available in Canada. I am wondering if anyone has come across an aftermarket console replacement which could address this or as an alternative, a means to shift the seat back a few inches ( doesn't specifically address the Clarity). Thanks
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I'm 6'3" (190.5 cm) and if I were any taller I wouldn't fit, but that's part of why we chose a Clarity. We have carseats in the back and in other cars I couldn't put the driver seat all the way back because it would run into the carseat behind me. That's not an issue in the Clarity, though! I haven't had any issues with our base model Clarity, though I have heard that the Touring's power seats do give a taller driver more room, but other than my knee getting poked by the console when I have cruise on I haven't had any issues.
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Hi all,

I purchased the Touring model and as mentioned Honda has taken out the power and memory seats for 2019. The seat adjustments are very limited but are suitable for the tall guys.

Not sure that the console can be modified as it holds lots of technology.

I think that we, the taller drivers, will have to adjust and live with that issue.
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Remember, these cars were designed by Honda Japan where most drivers are not that tall.
Remember Asians are shorter than European folks.

Driving my other current British car (Land Rover), the car seats are more suited for longer legged (taller) drivers. The seat bottom length and seat back height are made for 6' and taller drivers. I get more fatigued in the Land Rover.
My wife's current BMW 528 is good for most drivers, except for the headrest which is way too tall for either of us. They must have designed them for the taller, larger boned German drivers....

The Clarity made in Japan seems to fit me the best - no complaints on the seat bottom, backrest, or head rest.
But then I am Asian so that may be the reason for the excellent fit compared to German and British cars...
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The average height of American men is 5' 9", women: 5' 4''. I am 5' 8" and my wife is 5' 1". Perhaps that explains why over the last 35 years the only cars we have owned have been Honda's, Mazda's, Subaru's, and Hyundai's (!).

By the way, we had tried out both the base model and the touring model. And we chose the base model: it turned out that adjusting the seat from one of us to the other is faster in the base model than in the touring model. So, I don't think Honda has given up much by not providing power seats.
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The seats could have a longer seat base, but they are comfortable overall. I am accustomed to power seats and leather, so I went with the Touring.
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